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InWaTec Combined



About the company

InWaTec Combined: Trailblazing Slickline and Wireline Services in the Oil and Gas Industry

Navigating through the complexities and stringent demands of the oil and gas industry necessitates not just reliable but state-of-the-art solutions and unmatched expertise. It’s here that InWaTec Combined stands out, positioning itself as a paradigm of innovation, quality, and trust in the sector. InWaTec’s Robust Equipment: A Symbol of Excellence and Reliability In a milieu where technological efficacy directly translates to operational success, our meticulously engineered equipment takes center stage. InWaTec’s fleet is comprised of 3x Combined Slickline/ E-Line Units, built-in 2020, and meticulously equipped with wire and monoconductor cable H2S Service. Furthermore, our equipment list touts NOV Elmar Lightweight Pressure Control Equipment, capable of managing pressures up to 10,000psi H2S Service from 3″ to 5″ ID, with larger sizes available per your requisites. Not to forget the Triple Ram Wireline Valve for E-Line Service (3″ and 4″ H2S Service) and 2x E-Line Landline Unit with Hepta cable, each component ensuring your projects never fall short of technological brilliance and efficiency.

Impeccable Personnel: Your Project in Expert Hands

The true assets of InWaTec Combined are our seasoned professionals, trained meticulously through elite training centres, specializing in slickline, wireline, perforating, and fishing. Our personnel escort your projects from initiation through completion, bridging the gap between technical excellence and practical execution. With rich expertise in down hole, production, storage, and geothermal services, and a profound understanding of customer requirements and safety-centric processes, our staff embodies unmatched operational excellence and industry wisdom. Tailored Solutions: Where Flexibility Meets Ingenuity Your unique challenges are met with our adaptive solutions. Our in-house mechanical engineering department is flexible and proficient in crafting specialized tools, ensuring that your specific project needs are met with precision-engineered solutions, whether standardized or bespoke.

Certified and Accredited: A Testament to Our Dedication

InWaTec Combined prides itself on being a certified provider for slickline and wireline services. Our accolades include the TUV NORD Certificate for the HSE management system SCC, adhering to the “Safety Certificate Contractors” rules and regulations, Version 2011. Moreover, our operations are sculpted within the frameworks of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, underscoring our dedication to quality management and environmental responsibility respectively.

Your Partnership with Excellence

Choosing InWaTec Combined is not merely opting for a service provider; it is establishing a partnership with a company that stands synonymous with industry-leading, certified slickline and wireline services. From leveraging top-tier equipment to deploying the industry’s brightest minds, InWaTec is dedicated to facilitating your journey towards operational success and industry leadership. As we traverse the evolving landscapes of the oil and gas industry together, InWaTec remains your steadfast companion, bringing to your projects the reliability, expertise, and innovation that they deserve. Because at InWaTec, your operational challenges are met with our solutions of excellence.

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InWaTec Combined

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